House Bill 1898's goal is to provide Holistic healthcare insurance for all Massachusett's residents. It is every peron's right to choose how they manage their health. Being free to choose between types of healthcare should not be limited by the available insurance coverage. We hope to make Massachusett's the next state to provide Holistic healthcare coverage for all it's residents.

In New Hampshire, a similar law has been passed providing coverage for  Holistic treatment; however the patient has to pay a significant amount of out-of-pocket expenses for the prescribed treatments. Holistic insurance coverage is the prime goal of what we hope to bring to Massachusetts, but we would also like to see a more practical system implemented. What we mean by practical is, only covering a portion of Holistic treament + the cost of the practioner's visit, is just a first step towards proper treatment.  These natural solutions have significant healing aspects and there is enough food science to support these claims, but at the moment their cost is too high to be practical for everyone to use. By only covering a portion of the office visit a patient is left facing the cost of their portion of the visit, their “health insurance” premiums, and the treatment prescribed which often requires supplements, organic fruits and vegetables, and “superfoods”. Since currently none of the natural treatments are covered by insurance, a patient faces the full cost of these therapies.  An insurance company will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on pharmaceuticals, surgeries, and other toxic therapies which only treat symptoms. Natural/holistic treatments heal the root cause, teach patients to care for their bodies, and create an overall lifestyle change which promotes the health of a patient for life thereby reducing the need for medicine, surgeries, and the typically “accepted” course of aging in America.  The Mehlmauer Bill will give people a choice; a choice which is currently not available to those without the income to afford it. We believe Massachusetts should be the leader and set the example for an overhaul of the traditional treatment options available in our “modern” medical system. Instead of seeing healthcare as surgery, drugs, and procedures, let’s offer an alternative. We believe that the healing process starts with a choice. This bill will enable the patient to have more options, to have more control, to truly have choices in their medical care, their treatment plans, their healthcare options. Since we’ve been petitioning, an overwhelming majority of people have said they support this concept and love that it would give them a choice. Help us help our state; let us give the people an alternative view on medicine, on healthcare, on the healing process all together. Let’s give them a choice.